Lifestyle not Diet

I don't even like the word "diet." People say, "I'm going on this or that (i.e. Keto, Adkins, Southbeach, Nutrisystem, etc.) diet starting Monday." Wrong approach friend! Healthy living is a way of life. I can help with those needed changes if you are ready. 

As a nutritional therapist, I may be working with a healthy person in order to prevent disease (including obesity), or with a sick individual to ease, minimize, or alleviate disease symptoms. Dieticians focus on the treatment of a disease (along with physicians. A person with illness must connect with a medical professional for diagnosis and treatment), and as a Nutritional Therapist , my focus is on prevention and mitigation of disease and feeling optimally healthy. 

Everyone's body (physiology) is different and unique. Therefore, everyone requires a unique nutritional plan. 

I address the following:

Weight loss, nutritional deficiencies that cause both physical and psychological unhealthiness, assuring a person's food intake contains all the essential components for health (While I personally take both of the excellent  supplements advertised on this page, the primary approach is simply good food. You are not obligated to purchase, nor will I push these products on you. If a person is eating correctly, as do I, these are simply to fill in the gaps for my "off" days.), assisting the person with needed lifestyle changes to correct problems like obesity, high blood pressure, Type II diabetes, depression, anxiety, etc. Did you know that with the proper changes, persons with these problems can completely stop pharmaceuticals?  Additionally, I can assist persons with the understanding of how food altars one's gene expression and general body chemistry (i.e. genetic adaptions to nutrition, free radicals, and DNA damage, etc.). I can help to determine antioxidant capacity, identify antioxidant foods and disease prevention, clarify the need for  polyphenols and phytochemicals (Nature's Pharmacy), and help one to recognize the  health benefits of fiber and probiotics (Nature's antibiotics). 

Are you ready?

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