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Daily Organic Green Juice Blend

0304547001638538461.jpgOrganic Vegetables0147607001638538580.jpgKale, Celery, Citrus, Lettuce
0194748001638538813.jpgFiltered Ice and Water
0005934001638538666.jpgEnergy S

upplementThis is a daily morning drink for my wife and myself. Oh, and listen, this type of food intake impacts our mood and general mental state ( NOOTROPICS-Brain food (  Before any breakfast, we pump ourselves full of phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals with this 30 oz drink. It provides hydration, fiber for the microbiome, methylation (Methylation and DNA Repair | Homocysteine and Methylation (,  and trust me, you will never be constipated again. It tastes delicious, and while green, it is the consistency of an ‘Icey’ we used to drink as kids from the neighborhood convenient store. Remember those? You know the grape, strawberry, cherry ones, which were full of sugary syrup?  The flavor from the supplement mix, along with the ice, makes this cup of health palatable (otherwise it would be like chewing cud like a cow).


dark kale 5 oz

light kale 5 oz

romaine lettuce 5 oz

celery 5 oz

citrus (grapefruit, orange, lemon) 5 oz

filtered water 10 oz

crushed ice 1oz

Energy (ID Life) 2 scoops 

Serves two persons approximately 30 ounces each. If you have any left, it can be stored in the refrigerator for several days. 

Wash the organic vegetables thoroughly. I like to cut them into smaller pieces for easier handling. Add the vegetables little by little to the Ninja Blender (I use this one specifically as it is a beast and does not involve a lot of opening up and pressing down the vegetables in the process) and alternate with the cold filtered water. When this is complete, add the ice and the Energy scoops.  You can use any flavored pre workout mix (from GNC, Walmart, Kroger, etc.), but I use The ID Life Energy as it is the most nutritious.

Now keep in mind, you can use any variation of fruit and vegetables. If you want to cut back on fructose, go with berries. If not, the sky is the limit. Blending is healthier than juicing as you retain all  that good fiber. There are many benefits from any fruit and vegetable. These green ones, however, provide daily methylation from folate. Get creative with your ingredients. Experiment.

This type of drink, along with my mainly vegetable diet (I do like meat as well), and my supplements from ID Life and Juice plus has given me the following results:

Great gut health!

Excellent immunity. I haven’t gotten colds for years!

Recently, my doctor ordered blood serums on all vitamins in my blood work. Every one of these came back as sufficient. I was not deficient in any single vitamin!

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