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Looking for a therapist who JUST studied ways for helping people in graduate school? I’m probably not your guy. If my forwardness offends you (I don't intend to) you should probably seek out another therapist. But, if you want someone who will be both honest and compassionate, I am the right guy. I know pain firsthand: PTSD, combat trauma, divorce, addiction, loss, shame, humiliation, anxiety, depression, failure, etc. Been there, done that. Most therapists, though well meaning, have only studied about these issues. While I have theoretical training as well, my practical approach stems from my experience in these matters. My story, although not always pretty, is exactly why I can help you (to view my philosophy of life, see "I Am" blog). 

I know the ravages of war up close and personal. I know what depression, anxiety and panic looks and feels like. I know what it feels like to be dependent and self-medicating. I know what it feels like to go through a painful divorce. I know what it feels like to fail, as well as the feelings of shame, despair, and humiliation.

The key to successful therapy? BE HONEST. Due to huge suicide rates in the Army, when a Soldier returns from combat, they're asked a series of questions. Many times they aren't open. I know, because I did it! I knew that if I was honest, I could slow down the process on reuniting with my family. Later, when I had my own "train wreck", I was honest with my own psychologist. Guess what? Therapy worked. I got better because I began to be honest. One main reason therapy doesn't work is due to a lack of honesty. Reasons we come? Being forced by someone to go to therapy, truly wanting help but being guarded, "checking a block", etc.

My approach? While I am a cognitive behavioral therapist who primarily uses ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)  with a psychoanalytic bent (all that may mean nothing to you), I believe that we need to cut the BS, compassionately delve into the issue(s), and make it affordable.

Charles Popov

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